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In every child, lies a potential to become a change-maker.
Our children build robots & innovations. In this process, we transform them into
confident creators, critical thinkers and inspiring leaders.
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TIS Student Learning Assembly
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If you are a student who wants to explore the magical possibilities of robotics, AI and programming in fun, explorative and project-centric methods, check out our course offerings!
TIS Mentor Teaching base of Robotics
Empower with Education!
If you an organization or an individual who wants to build India’s future workforce and impact students through technology to bring a real change, reach out to us to collaborate.
Robotics Lab
Build Your Makerspace!
If you are a school, institute or an educator who is looking to bring a change in your teaching methodologies, so that you can stay updated with cutting edge technology advancements, contact us!
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Spring Break Coming up?
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Seminar on "Roadmap to Global Robotics Championship Wins" by leading experts!
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Exciting projects planned for Nurturing Innovators program!
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Knowledge Partners
Curriculum guidance,research, internship opportunities with academics from :
IIT BombayMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyIIT DelhiStanford UniversityBarker CollegeHarvard UniversityWadhwani Electronics Lab
Our Industry Partners
Internships, Sponsorships and Showcase opportunities provided by:

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